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What is a Tuxedo Shirt?

Tuxedo shirts are the most preferred shirts for a formal dress code. They are available in different fabrics and designs and can be used for different occasions. One can choose from a variety of tuxedo shirts styles easily. A tuxedo will always be worn with a tuxedo shirt. It is an elegant and simple style shirt, that goes well with one’s formal dress. These shirts are not the best choice for wearing with a casual dress or they are not suitable for combining with a traditional dress.

Types of tuxedo shirts

  • Fabric: A tuxedo shirt should look crisp, therefore it is made of a smooth and textured fabric. Which gives it a comfortable durable feature. Special care is taken that they are made of breathable material and are odor resistant. If you are selecting a tuxedo shirt for a bridegroom then remember never to buy a shirt made of synthetic or polyester material, as it would not feel comfortable as these are not breathable fabrics.
    Even in cotton tuxedo shirts, you will find different blends with varying thread weaves, weight, and make. The choice also depends on the occasion for which the shirt is to be worn for example a traditional occasion or an office party, depending on this one can choose to form a twill or broadcloth type of tuxedo shirt. People who prefer to wear thicker and heavier textured shirts can opt for twill others can go for broadcloth. It is a tightly woven shirt with little or no sheen. They are lighter, thinner and some may even come in a transparent look. They are available in variant thread counts and textures and are the best luxurious looking tuxedo shirts.
  • Colour: White is the only color that tuxedo shirts are made of. The texture of the color may differ within this white due to the type of thread count used and the fabric used. Twills may come with diagonal thread weave, while in broadcloth will come with a transparent look also.
  • Tuxedo with cuff: Tuxedos worn with a black dress go well with cufflinks. French cuffs are generally used for special occasions. For casual wear, barrel cuffs are the in thing. Tuxedo shirts go well with both types of cufflinks, be they square or round.
  • Collars: These shirts come in variant collar types the best is the semi-spread collar type. These are best for formal occasions, as they are versatile and can be combined well with any attire. For extreme formal occasions, the classic wingtip tuxedo shirt is preferred. It provides an elegant and sophisticated look and gives your bow tie a magnificent view. A bow tie wrap is the best choice for a classic wingtip tuxedo shirt.
  • Buttons: Tuxedo shirts with a polished finish go well with metal-style buttons. Studds is another option to give an elegant look to the shirt. Studds can be used with cufflinks to give a more stunning look to your dress. Most people prefer stainless steel studs, but you have a choice of choosing from onyx or pearl-made studs.

When can you wear these amazing men's tuxedo shirts?

Tuxedo shirts are the best fit for a formal occasion. They come in a single color white, with different shades of white, be it an opaque look or a more transparent look. They come in different thread counts, fabrics, and styles. They can be worn for formal or semi-formal occasions like traditional functions, office parties, a special date, a formal dress code party, and so on. The choice of fabric and style depends on the place and occasion one is going for. Tuxedo shirts can blend with any form of formals at any time.

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